The only way I’ve found for seeing conversation is by using the iOS app. It’s painful since I have to borrow one–being primarily an Android person.

Can’t believe that somehow I’m now 9 episodes into The Arrangement. Surely there’s something better on…

It’s been an entertaining week watching the development of as it rolls out and features are slowly added. I’m curious when I’ll be able to use my hosted account to post to my own site?

I’ve now got my /watched feed from my WordPress personal blog feeding through to, but for some reason my feed from Known doesn’t seem to be picked up (yet??).

Making a quiche with sausage, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, and cheese from scratch this morning for brunch later today with friends at Gerrish Swim & Tennis Club. I’m hoping the crust will come out as flaky as I want it to.

I’m curious if I can post to my hosted blog and my own site simultaneously with (Answer: turns out you can’t.)

Enjoying the discover feature in the iOS app. Today is the only time I’ll ever be recommended above @leo on a social platform. 😀

Finally checking out the awesomeness that is! Can’t wait to see how it dovetails and extends the #indieweb.