@dancohen @ayjay, don't forget the noble professions of philosopher's clerk or secretary (though please don't quit your current positions any time soon):

What it would be like to be a philosopher’s clerk: “It’ll be a matter of filing the generalisations, tidying up paradoxes, laying out the premises before the boss gets in.” —Tom Stoppard

For five years he [Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)] served as personal secretary to, yes, Francis Bacon. In fact, I’ve noted over a course of years that the job of a secretary can be utterly fulfilling just in case one’s boss happens to be Francis Bacon. —Daniel N. Robinson

@adoran2 It sounds like some of the issue might stem from your not having or using the Semantic Linkbacks plugin which helps to do a better job of displaying Webmentions as native comments.

Alternately (or in addition to this) some themes custom write "walkers" or other custom code to output their comments section instead of relying on the default comments output. These can cause display problems because they don't know what webmentions are, don't expect them, and therefor don't know what to do with them. Fortunately these themes tend to be few and far between these days. In my experience it's rare to run across these, but they can happen.

Independent Publisher was one of the first to do some custom work toward outputting Webmentions in a different way, but the developer did about half of the work and then stopped maintaining it. The two webmention plugins have since evolved to do more of that work. A slightly better maintained version of Independent Publisher by David Shanske can be found here: indieweb.org/Independe...

In general, the two plugins attempt to do most of the output work for displaying incoming Webmentions properly/logically, so you shouldn't see too many problems on the output side. However themes can override bits which can cause trouble.

The bigger problem with respect to themes generally is in the sending side since they may not have the best microformats mark up. As a result, when the receiving site gets a notification and parses the page, it either doesn't find the expected data or displays other data instead. In some of these cases you may want to manually go into your comments admin and tweak these manually. These don't happen frequently in my experience, though occasionally I will need to go into the admin settings and change a "mention" into a "reply" so that it shows the actual content I expect instead of saying that someone mentioned a post.

More details and subtleties on these: indieweb.org/WordPress...

If you have particular questions or need some help, stop by the chat: chat.indieweb.org/wordpress...

@adoran2 I'm not sure what you're asking here?

What functionality are you looking for in a theme beyond what is already set up within the two WordPress webmention plugins (Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks)? Are you asking about Microformats markup in themes? (https://boffosocko.com/2021/08/17/55794876/)

@ladyhope It is weird. It's also something that the IndieWeb community has been working on fixing. There is a class of social feed readers (using Microsub, and including micro.blog) that allows one to subscribe and read, but also allows one to reply inline and post to their own websites (which could then also syndicate to social media sites). indieweb.org/social_re... has some examples, including several you could dovetail with your WordPress site. @chrisaldrich

@manton Great job by the way on the way micro.blog handles note posts like this with included photos! I think I did it just as a note and not a photo, but it's much better than it was in the past. @chrisaldrich

@paulopinto I'm tinkering at a stand-alone micropub client to do the work, but it'll be a while before I'm finished. In the meanwhile, I'm using an IFTTT recipe to port the Hypothes.is RSS Feed for my account to my micropub endpoint using this method.

@paulopinto There are two types of annotations you may see on the PubPub platform. Some are done with Hypothes.is (which you'll only see if you're using their browser plugin or other means) and the annotations which are custom built into the PubPub system (these require you to create an account).

@mdrockwell You can get feeds of YouTube channels using this simple conversion: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ID → https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=ID. Alas, they don't add the video as an enclosure, so it won't have the video. You might try an RSS Bridge instance for pulling video though: https://github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge/wiki/Public-hosts

For stripping audio out of YouTube videos to consume as a podcast, I've found that using Huffduffer.com and their browser bookmaklet to be a great method.

@kimberlyhirsh It's been ages since I've done that. I've put a hold on a sewing machine from our local library's Library of Things, in hopes that I can teach our nugget who is on Spring Break next week. I hope I remember how it all works. What are you planning on making?

@khurtwilliams My first ones were actually handshaped and more ovalish. The shape doesn't affect the flavor, so I'm sure you could do any shape you wish really. One batch I made had too much liquid so they didn't hold their shape as well.

With respect to Grenada, I've noticed that almost all the recipes I've seen for them call for either mace or nutmeg as the primary spices to go with cranberries, sultanas, chocolate chips, etc.

Given the value that double-entry has created in the economic space since its wide adoption in the modern era, I wonder what additional value backlinks might create for the world?

@khurtwilliams They're a traditional breakfast or packed lunch food from Wales that are a cross between a pancake and a cakey cookie. Most often flavored with mace and sultanas (raisins), but also good using cinnamon, nutmeg, currants, or even chocolate chips.

@manton I do love the fact that it is automatically syndicated from the comments section of my own site. When you fix it, be sure not to "fix" that part away. :)

@boffosocko.com Whoa! Wait a second now! What's this? Somehow there's a shadow @boffosocko.com account on micro.blog (https://micro.blog/boffosocko.com) that I didn't create?! And native replies from my comments section on WordPress are being automatically syndicated to micro.blog and properly threaded into the stream?!!!

What black magic is this @manton?!?!

I'll take an initial stab and guess that the @boffosocko.com account is a shadow account on micro.blog because someone here has subscribed to my WordPress site as an ActivityPub instance using the details here: help.micro.blog/2018/acti...

Can anyone confirm this?

I'll leave the duplicate copies of my replies here for posterity. (I'm not sure how I'd get rid of the other one to be honest other than to delete the original possibly.)

@mdrockwell In fact, this conversation is a near-perfect use case. It’s not (yet) easy for me to write a reply to your post on micro.blog on my own site that includes a reply context and have it appear as if it were a native comment on micro.blog. (Micro.blog should use some parsing to strip out my reply context and just post my reply.) But I can make my post quickly enough and just manually syndicate it with a link back to my website. Then, when you reply, I’ll see it via micro.blog and I can cut and paste your response URL, put it into my response box and I’ve got a copy of your reply!

(If anyone has puzzled out how to do replies to micro.blog from WordPress or other websites that maintains context on your own site and makes the reply look native on micro.blog, please do let me know.) #

cc: @manton