@boffosocko.com Whoa! Wait a second now! What's this? Somehow there's a shadow @boffosocko.com account on micro.blog (https://micro.blog/boffosocko.com) that I didn't create?! And native replies from my comments section on WordPress are being automatically syndicated to micro.blog and properly threaded into the stream?!!!

What black magic is this @manton?!?!

I'll take an initial stab and guess that the @boffosocko.com account is a shadow account on micro.blog because someone here has subscribed to my WordPress site as an ActivityPub instance using the details here: help.micro.blog/2018/acti...

Can anyone confirm this?

I'll leave the duplicate copies of my replies here for posterity. (I'm not sure how I'd get rid of the other one to be honest other than to delete the original possibly.)